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What our client's are saying
I have been a patient of Dr. Steyn for several years and it is always a treat to go to her office. The staff is wonderful and the surroundings uplifting! Dr. Steyn is beyond awesome.
Meet Our Experienced Staff
Dr. Mariette Steyn is an accredited family physician with a special interest in medical cosmetic procedures and has been a certified Botox® injector since 2008.


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I have been a patient of Dr. Steyn for several years and it is always a treat to go to her office. The staff is wonderful and the surroundings uplifting! Dr. Steyn is beyond awesome. She enjoys helping women look and feel their best. She is thorough, takes her time to talk to you and explain the procedures to you and answer all your questions. She makes it very affordable compared to other cities to get treatments done right here in Brockville. I love the natural results and how my crows feet, forehead and frown lines are softened. Would I recommend treatments? Yes! I am recommending it all the time to everyone! Just do it!!!!!lol
Dawn E

I had both Botox Cosmetic® and Juvederm® treatments done and love the results and how it make me feel about myself. The consultation with Dr. Steyn was very thorough and she provided me with recommendations for the best pathway for me to reach my cosmetic goals. I love it that the treatments are non-surgical with no scalpels involved and that there was no downtime after the procedures. I am very busy and it is an advantage that I could return to work immediately after the procedures. I expected the procedures to be painful, it surprised me how little discomfort I had with the procedures.
Carole L

I had very little knowledge of cosmetic procedures before I saw Dr. Steyn. She took more than sufficient time to prepare me for the procedures. I knew exactly what to expect and there were no surprises. I had both Botox Cosmetic® and Juvederm® injections. My biggest fear was that results will be too radical and that someone will find out about my procedures, but I looked very natural. I love the subtle, gradual results and the sense of feeling good about my skin! Would I recommend the procedures? Definitely! Sometimes it is just the little lift you need. It gives you that extra bit of confidence in your appearance.
Karen M

I always wanted to try cosmetic procedures but have been too afraid to do it. Dr. Steyn listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. The before and after photos help me to appreciate my results even more! I am feeling more confident than ever and love all the compliments I get . Many women are concerned about their looks and signs of aging. Botox Cosmetic® is definitely an effective option to treat wrinkles. She also recommended a specific skin care treatment program for my sun damaged skin. I now love my skin again!
J Gilmer

My biggest obstacle to having both Botox Cosmetic® and Juvederm® treatments done was my fear of needles. I had the opportunity to have my first treatment done during a training session for the new product Juvederm Voluma®. The procedure was not nearly as painful as I expected. In fact, I experienced surprisingly little discomfort. Dr. Steyn explained to me that it was because of the local anesthetic that is mixed in with the filler. The needles used for Botox Cosmetic® are really tiny. I feel that my face is looking fresher and I love the new definition of my cheeks. I had a lot of volume loss in my face before. I also like it that the filler has been proven to last 18 months. That is important to me. I am always looking for value for my money. I could not believe how deep my frown lines have been when I looked at my before and after photos. I am convinced that Botox Cosmetic® is a very effective treatment for wrinkles and lines. Would I recommend these procedures to someone else? Absolutely! I feel I had excellent results and feel more confident than before.
Pamela H