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I have been a patient of Dr. Steyn for several years and it is always a treat to go to her office. The staff is wonderful and the surroundings uplifting! Dr. Steyn is beyond awesome.
Meet Our Experienced Staff
Dr. Mariette Steyn is an accredited family physician with a special interest in medical cosmetic procedures and has been a certified Botox® injector since 2008.

Medical Grade Skin Care in Brockville, Ontario

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Medical Grade Skin Care

Medical Grade Skin Care in Brockville, Ontario

What is medical grade skin care?

The vast array of skin care products available and claims made regarding the possible results can be overwhelming. Medical skin care is different from over the counter products in that it contains higher concentrations of active ingredients, has scientifically been tested and is available only through a skin care specialist. Individualized skin care regimes ensure progressive and visible results and can enhance results when combined with other skin procedures.

Medical skin care is "your treatment between treatments"

All of Dr. Steyn’s medical grade topical skin care regimes consist of three essential steps:

Are the results immediate?

Physician formulated skin care products are very effective as a home-based therapy. Results are progressive with visible results within a few months when used continuously. It takes at least one "skin cycle" of epidermal renewal to see visible skin changes. In young healthy skin it takes approximately 28 days for cells to migrate from the deeper basal layer of the skin to migrate to the surface and desquamate. Older skin will take longer to regenerate.

The Benefits of Medical Grade Skin Care

What are the benefits of medical grade skin care?

How does Medical Grade Skin Care work?

A personalized treatment plan tailored to the specific needs of your skin ensures that you will love your skin again.

Recommended medical grade topical skin care regimens for photoaged skin (premature aging of the skin due to the chronic exposure to UV light) can consist of several treatment steps including one or more of the following:

Other specialized topical treatment regimes individualized for specific skin care concerns include those for photo-aged skin, rosacea with facial erythema, acne prone skin and hyperpigmented blemished skin.

What are the risks when using medical grade skin care?

To receive an individualized skin prescription for a medical grade skin care program, please make an appointment with Dr. Steyn. During your consultation you will receive information on safety and risks, as well as instructions on how to use your skin care regime correctly to minimize side-effects and maximize results. The higher concentration of active ingredients in medical grade skin care products can increase your risk of a reaction if not used correctly, just like when you use any other medication.

Do you want to learn more about Dr. Steyn’s Medical Skin Care Program? I will provide you with a comprehensive individualized plan for subtle, progressive and age appropriate rejuvenation, ensuring a natural appearance.To request your personal consultation call 613-342-0220.