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I have been a patient of Dr. Steyn for several years and it is always a treat to go to her office. The staff is wonderful and the surroundings uplifting! Dr. Steyn is beyond awesome.
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Dr. Mariette Steyn is an accredited family physician with a special interest in medical cosmetic procedures and has been a certified Botox® injector since 2008.

The Medical Grade Skin Peel Procedure in Brockville, Ontario

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Clear, health skin withmedical grade peels

The Medical Grade Skin Peel Procedure in Brockville, Ontario

What is a medical grade peel procedure?

Have sun damaged skin with uneven color and tone? Struggling with acne? Fine lines bothering you? Or just having a dull winter skin? A peel can be your answer! Skin peel procedures, also referred to as chemical exfoliation, stand out as one of the most effectivenon-surgical and non-invasive options for facial skin rejuvenation.Peels work by removing the old and dead cells from the outer layers of the skin to stimulate cell renewal and generate healthier skin.

The benefits of the Medical Grade Peel Procedure

What are the benefits of a medical grade peel procedure?

How does a medical grade peel work?

Medical grade peels are topical solutions that have a high dermal penetration power. Skin peel protocols can include different acids, enzymes and retinoids chosen for optimum results and tailored to your specific needs and skin condition.Combinations of several lower strength exfoliating acids help the skin to shed the dead, pore clogging surface cells and impurities and boost the self-repair mechanism of the skin.A new layer of revitalized facial skin which is brighter, smoother, and more radiant is the much sought after result.

Does it hurt?

Discomfort depends on the peel product used, the depth of the peel penetration and the need to neutralize the peel. Some straight alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) peels such as glycolic acid and lactic acid requires neutralization with water or a weak base that can increase discomfort and the risk of side-effects. Peels like Skin Medica Rejuvenize peels and PCA SKIN advanced chemical peel formulations are self neutralizing and combines acids together with other peel ingredients, anti-oxidants and calming and soothing ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness with minimum discomfort. At our clinic we prefer a progressive, rather than an aggressive approach ensuring luminous, near instant results with little or no downtime. We recommend using a dermatologist for deeper, more aggressive skin peels.

The Medical Grade Peel Recovery

How long is the recovery period?

Exfoliation ofthe dead skin cells begins around 48 hours after the procedure, and continues for around three days with the recovery period dependent on skin type and the specific products used in the process. Timing of the procedure on a Wednesday or Thursday can ensure maximum peeling over a weekend if that is your preference. Post-peel instructions include staying cool for 48 hours by avoiding heat, sweating, exercise, hot tubs and saunas, as well as using a daily prescription skin regime that includes a sunscreen. Using a broad spectrum sunscreen is essential post-peel as your skin will be more sensitive to the sun.

Medical Grade Peels Safety and Risks

What are the major risks and the safety procedures involved with a medical grade peel?

Medical grade peel procedures are non-invasive but require a professional to ensure safety. Superficial peels have few risks and complications. It includes allergic reactions to products, as well as redness and irritation of the skin that are temporary and fade with time. Deeper peels are associated with a higher risk of complications and are best left in the hands of an experienced dermatologist.

Do you want to learn more about Dr. Steyn’s Medical Grade Skin Peel Procedure? I will provide you with a comprehensive individualized plan for subtle, progressive and age appropriate rejuvenation, ensuring a natural appearance.To request your personal consultation call 613-342-0220.