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I have been a patient of Dr. Steyn for several years and it is always a treat to go to her office. The staff is wonderful and the surroundings uplifting! Dr. Steyn is beyond awesome.
Meet Our Experienced Staff
Dr. Mariette Steyn is an accredited family physician with a special interest in medical cosmetic procedures and has been a certified Botox® injector since 2008.


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1. What is the difference between Botox® Cosmetic and Juvederm®?

Botox® Cosmetic is a purified protein complex used to temporarily relax the specific facial muscles responsible for unsightly lines and wrinkles.

Juvederm® contains hyaluronic acid and is used to add facial volume and fullness. It is used to fill smile lines, fill lower face areas, and fill hollowed temples and to restore fullness to the cheeks.

2. Do I need both Botox® Cosmetic and filler?

The combination treatment consisting of treating wrinkles with Botox® Cosmetic and adding facial volume with Juvederm® is also known as a Softlift™ procedure. The Brockville Softlift™ makeover is a customized treatment during which Botox® Cosmetic and Juvederm™ dermal filler are skillfully combined at the same visit to treat the entire face rather than individual wrinkles and lines.

3. Who will be doing my Botox® Cosmetic and Juvederm® injections?

Dr. Steyn is doing all injectable treatments as well as consultations herself. She has been practicing cosmetic medicine since 2008 and provides up to date and current cosmetic services to patients in Brockville and area.

4. How often will I need Botox® Cosmetic?

The muscle relaxing effect of a Botox® Cosmetic procedure can last between 3-6 months and sometimes even longer with repeated treatments. The results of any Botox treatment can vary from patient to patient, however most patients find the procedure quick, simple, and a great alternative to more complicated surgical procedures.

5. How often will I need Juvederm® injections?

Juvederm® Voluma™ has been reported to last up to 18 months and longer, while Juvederm® Volbella is the only dermal filler clinically proven to last up to 12 months in the lips after a single treatment.

6. How soon will I see results after a Botox® Cosmetic procedure?

The results are not immediate. After Botox® injections the weakening of muscle contraction starts gradually over the next few days. The full cosmetic benefits are typically experienced 14 days after the treatment.

7. How soon will I see results after a filler procedure?

You will see immediate results with a single treatment. Depending on the area treated you can expect added facial volume, restored fullness to the cheeks, filled smile and marionette lines and firming and recontouring of the jaw line.

8. What does Botox cost?

It is more affordable than you think! The amount or units of Botox® Cosmetic needed for a satisfactory result will be determined during an initial consultation with Dr. Steyn. Depending on the age of the patient, and the severity of the lines, a treatment for frown lines for a women will be between $300-500, or put differently $3-5 /day. Compare that to what you spend daily at your local coffee shop or cafeteria!

9. Why do I need I consultation with Dr. Steyn and not just get a telephonic quote for Botox® Cosmetic and Juvederm® injections?

The cost varies according to the area injected, the amount of volume loss as well as how deep the lines or wrinkles are. This cannot be determined during a telephonic consultation. Dr. Steyn provides individualized and comprehensive consults to assess all of your cosmetic needs. Your consultation will be generous in scope and educational. You’ll clearly understand your personalized plan for your cosmetic journey, and be assured that all your injectable procedures will be physician handled.Your initial consultation fee will be applied to any procedures you book with Dr. Steyn. You’ll be given a written treatment plan and candid information on safety, discomfort, cost, and expected outcome.

10. What is medical grade skin care?

The vast array of skin care products available and claims made regarding the possible results can be overwhelming. Medical skin care is different from over the counter products in that it contains higher concentrations of active ingredients, has scientifically been tested and is available only through a skin care specialist. Individualized skin care regimes ensure progressive and visible results and can enhance results when combined with other skin procedures.

Medical skin care is "your treatment between treatments"